About Us

Who we are

McManus Williams is a young, vibrant practice, focused on the needs of small and medium sized owner managed businesses. We’re constantly looking for ways to use new technology to streamline standard compliance processes and better engage with our clients.

This has been made increasingly possible by exciting developments in the field of cloud computing, allowing us to connect with our clients in much more efficient and dare I say, fun ways.

Where you are

Businesses go through cycles, very much like the seasons and each cycle brings with it a variety of challenges. We ‘re here to provide you with the service you need at the time that you need it. What that service needs to look like will depend on which season you find yourself in.

SpringStartups SPRING into action and have to contend with rapid growth and the enormous cash flow pressures that growth can bring.

Business planning is essential to ensure that the goals set are affordable and achievable within given timescales, with sufficient finance in place to meet all eventualities.

SummerEstablished businesses often enjoy SUMMER periods of steady turnover and increasing economies of scale.

An ideal time to consider employing the help of a business coach and/or marketing expert to help you identify the things you’re doing well and the things you could do better.

AutumnStrong competition from new entrants, changing market conditions and fast moving technology can see summer quickly turn to AUTUMN.

Businesses will need to react quickly to ensure that they diversify and adapt to changing market conditions or risk falling victim to strong new entrants or more dynamic competitors.

WinterBusinesses that have failed to adapt quickly enough or which have suffered long periods of under investment can experience a WINTER of steady decline and eroded market share.

The business is likely to need careful nurturing back to health with new investment and balancing of scarce resources.

Our Charter

We’re here to support you whatever the weather. If you’re serious about growing your business, consolidating your market share or reversing any decline we’ll be able to help you plan accordingly.

If you’re tired of the same old, compliance focused service and you like what you’ve read then we’d love to speak to you. We’d never claim to be unique, but we’re by no means ordinary.

We look forward to making a difference.