Accountancy Firms in Bristol : Signs of Poor Accountants

In business, the need for great accountants will always be there, which is one key reason why accountancy firms in Bristol never find it difficult to find work. If you’re a business owner, the last thing you will have time for is to go trawling through piles upon piles of paperwork dating back to the beginning of the year so that you can get your books in order, which is when you will look into hiring an accountant. Just because you hire an accountant however, that does not mean that your accounts are in safe hands.

Whilst accountancy firms in Bristol have a reputation for being some of the best in the region, and dare we say, the country, there are some companies out there with less than stellar reputations.  Believe it or not, but some so-called “accountants” have actually ended up costing their clients a lot of money, wasting their time, and creating more work for them in the process. Here are a few signs of poor accountants that you should look out for.

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Missed Deadlines

In business, missing a deadline of any kind without one heck of a good reason is simply not an option if you wish to succeed. Deadlines are set for a reason, and if a business is unable to meet these deadlines, you have to ask why that is. In accountancy, it is especially important that deadlines are never missed, simply because late tax assessments and payments result in hefty fines, and potential legal action. If your accountant misses deadlines, it’s time to show them the door.

Attitude Problems

Another sign of a poor accountant is if they get an attitude problem with you and other clients. Accounting is a tough job, and it will be frustrating if your books are hard to understand, but if they get an attitude with you because of your books, again, this is not professional. Rather than getting angry with you, they should instead be showing you the correct and easy way to go about things. This is why accountancy firms in Bristol have such strong reputations – because they actually listen to and help their clients.

They Lie

Whether they lie about their experience, their qualifications, their schedules, or anything else, if a company lies to you, they cannot be trusted. Ask them about their experience and qualifications, and then try to find out if what they have said is indeed true. If not, you may wish to look elsewhere.


Okay, we all make mistakes from time to time as we are only human. Even the greatest individuals in the world have made mistakes now and then, and this is fine. If then, you find your accountancy firm submitting documents with the odd typo and spelling mistake here and there, you can excuse that. If however, they are constantly making errors, not doing their jobs correctly, and perhaps formatting and submitting documents incorrectly, all of these are red flags and they should make you think twice about the company you have hired. The odd small mistake now and then is fine, but if they are always making mistakes, this is worrying.

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